Coming Soon! LabLife, An irreverant, yet pleasantly candid comic strip depicting the realpolitik Life in the high profile PATDS Laboratory at TRI (that's the Pure As The Driven Snow Laboratory at THE Research Institute). Return and meet The Professor (A Brilliant Man! and PI/Principal Investigator), TWG (The Wunderkind Guwu) his Cambridge based Rival-Colleague-&Friend [who Professes at the Cambridge Temple, presents 'Sermons' (as opposed to 'Seminars'), and who telepaths rather than presenting in Super-Duper-Point], TE (The Editor, the protagonist) and his Super-Hero alter ego, TheRedactor! (whenever the evil Deadline looms large), TFDM (The Flying Dutch Manager, a two-faced, day trading, snake in the grass and sinecure), TA's (The Acolytes [the underpaid and overworked grad students and postdocs]), Can'tTell (The inverterbrate, disingenuous Temp, constantly in Crisis and absconding to her therapist), TBD (The Begging Department), TPD (The Propaganda Deparment), TWITS (the Wizards of Information Technology 'Symptoms' (who do more damage than good!), TCBK's (The Coffee-Break Kids [from TRI's Facilities Department]), ThePP's (the Patent Protectors - don't even think of doing anything that is not patent protected), The Infamouse 'Dr.R.' or Dr. Retractions (known for withdrawing as many, if not more papers than he publishes), The Feared Moonsuits (the purveyors (whipper-outers) of the feared White Glove, Safety police) and, of course, Mike Scope, a piece of capital equipment, a microscope who can intuit the thoughts of those who sit down and peer through his well focused and all seeing and all knowing (omniscient) lenses. Mike and TheRedactor are indeed simpatico! Watch TBM and TFDM's only slightly bioethically challenged and madcap pursuit of patent protections and auto-nominations for various scientific door prizes, including TBO (The Big One!). Rapier wit awaits those who are intrepid enough to tred here! Caveat: No prisoners are taken in the PATDS Lab and their biotech spin-off, Pariah Pharmaceuticals (for which they buy low, sell high and tip, tip, tip - off those whose favors are sought, with insider biotech stock ponzie scheme information)!

A Rogues Gallery of LabLife's deliciously precious Cast Of Characters!

Shown: The Moon Suits (With THE White Glove), The FlyingDutchManager, TA's (TheAcolytes), TheProfessor, ConcommitantDNA, The WunderkindGuwu, TheCoffeeBreakKids, Mike!, Can't-Tell (The Temp), TheEditor (aka THERedactor!)

Not Shown: TheLibraryCards, The TWITS, TIPPs (The IntellectualPropertyPolice), Dr. R

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Shhhhhhhh!!!! Unless otherwise noted, All work (c) 2010 Craig Kandell