Whim, Woe And Wonder (Tales For The Ever - Present Child)

written and illustrated by Craig Kandell, (c) 2010, has recently been published!

Below are the author's Forward from the book and Scenes from Coming Attractions!

Author's Forward:

Dear Reader,

Have you ever wondered what happens to your socks when they disappear in the dryer, why some paths one takes in life are difficultly reversible, if short can be sweet, why simplicity is virtuous, why it's OK to let your actions speak for themselves, why so many obstacles must be overcome before absconding for a weekend, if it's OK to be different, why humility has its hmmph, why one must often do for themselves in order to do something right, or why it's OK to say "No" in order to remain focused on what's important? These and other very important questions are delved in Whim, Woe and Wonder (Tales for the Ever Present Child). You have before you endearing, clever, precious reading for our trying times - Good clean fun. A must read! I present these story poems, light-verse and prose stories to you with much pride and hope that you will willingly suspend your disbelief and enjoy the tales.


Craig Kandell,
New York, NY, 2010

(Scenes from Coming Attractions!)

From The Dryer and The Sock

[We pick up the tale when Co-Op tenants attempt to round up an
errant, wayward band of missing Socks]

So, the Feds surrounded the whole building
Demanding that the "Bad-Guys"
"Come-Out" and "Come-Clean"
The megaphones were set up by
The Duster-Frocked G-Man Negotiating Team
"Come out with your heel up!
Come out through the brass ensconsed front door!
Come out, Sock, you're all washed up,
If not, the worst's, for you, in store"
But the Half Pair Socken Leader
Tittered, and he sneered
& Continued onward Leading
All his wayward, Half - Pair Socken peers
"You'll never get me, Copper
You'll never take me in
You'll never see me locked up
Try and get me, I dare you! If you can,
(But, I assure you that I'll win)"
As for myself, to my Sock,
"Oh-Sock, Oh-Sock, I say
Where have you gone,
Where did you go
That fateful, somber day?"

...And More Excerpts! (from the very same "Sock" story)

To the Sock, said I:
"Tell me, Sir, who are you?
Sock, tell me, let me hear"
He looked at me and scowled back:
"My name is Nom du Guerre!"
So, said I, "That is fine"
He said, "et tu, Sir, you have a name, I shall assume?"
I looked back and calmly stated:
"My name is Nom du Plume!"
Du Guerre replied:
Du Plume, you are a light-wieght
A feather-weight at best"
That's when my patience ran out
I'd now best this rotten pest

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