Can You Do This? Yet another riddle solved, a new super-power: As evinced in the un-doctored (no Photoshop!) photo, I can walk on water! This is a burden of mythical, if not biblical proportions, that i will use sparingly, and humbly, with the utmost of humility and circumspection ... just as i conduct
myself in all apsects of life. see: www.licboathouse.org for more info! :) ckk

Craig Kandell, an Illustrator and Writer, lives in New York. He grew up in Brooklyn, spent his high school years on Long Island and his college years in northern California. After graduating from the University of California, Berkeley he moved back to NY to study classical figure drawing and composition at the Art Students' League of New York. He enjoys swimming, jogging, and rock climbing/scrambling and has completed the round Manhattan Island Marathon Swim four times. He is also a proud volunteer participant as a 'balloon handler' in Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade. 'Whim, Woe and Wonder (Tales for the Ever-Present Child)', illustrated and written by our hero, will be published shortly. Craig lives with his best friend, Radar, a Labrador Retriever in the noir canyons of the Upper West Side of New York in an illustration /writing/living studio strewn with and in a Retro-Metro motif.

With apologies to Gericault, Rembrandt,
Ingres, Manet, Dad, and Napoleon!
My Hometown!
Home, Again!
Can You Do This? Craig approaching the finish of the 2001 round Manhattan Island Marathon Swim (www.nycswim.org), an event he has completed four times!
[After all, It's ONLY one lap],
[A kayak-eye's view - look closely ... a wave washes over me!]
(Photo by Kayaker, Erik Baard [www.baard.com]).
Y2K MIMS (round Manhattan
Island Marathon Swim)
Craig swimming northward
in East River with safety
Erik Baard
pointing the way
Photo (c) Rich Barkin 2000 for
the Manhattan Island Foundation

Swimming Around Manhattan?
Here's to doing things when
people say 'it can't be done',
to always raising the bar and
to reaching for the stars and
following your hopes and dreams
(albeit somewhat pragmatically!)

ckk skirting the Empire State Building,
Intrepid Safety Net and Kayaker,
Erik Baard On Point
photo by Super-Friend(s), Kris/or/Nancy Depew
Craig and 'fans',
Before Macy*s Parade,
Thanksgiving, 2003
Craig and his charge,
Cheesasaurus Rex
Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade, 2003
Craig and Super-Hero Colleagues
Dave & Eydie (recently engaged!)
Hiking, Breakneck Ridge
Hudson Highlands,
North of ColdSpring, NY
Fall, 2003
Hiking with the
proverbial 'Gang'
on Mt. Taurus;
Breakneck Ridge
Is in the background
The Fog Lifts!
Storm King, West
across the Hudson
Our Hero's Portrait
Could it be, in Dorian Gray?
[Portrait / Study by
Jacqueline Goldstein]
The Monsters Over My Bed........
THE Chair! (Where it all happens)

ckk and fans!
Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade, 2005
I may be reached at: craigkandell@gmail.com