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I am pleased to announce the birth of my baby (my illustrated book! ;) :

Whim, Woe And Wonder (Tales For The Ever Present Child)

A wonderful collection of tales for Adults, Young Adults, Tweens and even Precocious Children!

Available now (hard cover, soft cover and e-book editions) at  Xlibris, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Borders and other fine distributor websites!  Soon enough, Whim, Woe And Wonder will be carried in house at enchanted book stores.

Have you ever wondered what happens to your socks when they disappear in the dryer, why some paths one takes in life are difficultly reversible, if short can be sweet, why simplicity is virtuous, why it's OK to let your actions speak for themselves, why so many obstacles must be overcome before absconding for a weekend, if it's OK to be different, why humility has its hmmph, why one must often do for themselves in order to do something right, or why it's OK to say "No" in order to remain focused on what's important?  These and other very important questions, conundrums and quandaries are delved in Whim, Woe And Wonder (Tales For The Ever - Present Child).

Radar says: "Read this Book! Great Entertainment for the Whole Family! [And the Monsters Under Your Bed, Too!] Wonderful story poem and prose tales for our trying times!"

(Coming Attractions
Scenes From The Dryer And The Sock)

So, the Feds surrounded the whole building
Demanding that the "Bad-Guys"
"Come-Out" and "Come-Clean"
The megaphones were set up by
The Duster-Frocked G-Man Negotiating Team
"Come out with your heel up!
Come out through the brass ensconced front door!
Come out, Sock, you're all washed up,
If not, the worst's, for you, in store"
But the Half Pair Socken Leader
Tittered, and he sneered
And continued onward Leading
All his wayward, Half-Pair Socken peers
"You'll never get me, Coppers
You'll never take me in,
You'll never see me locked up
Try and get me, I dare you! If you can,
(But, I assure you that I'll win)"

Enclosed is a Portfolio of work and Whimsical Illustrations by Craig Kandell
[Monsters and other Imaginary Friends]

craigkandell@gmail.com, craig@ckk-ink.com

All work, (c) Craig Kandell, 2010

Many of these illustrations, StoryBoards, etc. are from my recently published book,
'Whim, Woe and Wonder (Tales for the Ever Present Child)'


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